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Baby Stuff For Sale

Buying, making and selling your baby goods.

Baby Items for Sale!
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This is a community made for the selling/trading or giving away of second hand Baby/ New Baby Stuff and Hand Crafted Baby Related products. We also welcome questions about baby products.

Membership is closed. Do not request membership more than once. Just because you haven't been approved 12 hours after applying doesn't mean you won't be approved at all- the mods have lives too!

1. Please place all photos behind a lj cut.
2. When making a for sale post, please specify what you are selling outside of the cut (boy/girl/gender neutral, sizes, etc). This saves members who are on a slower connection from clicking a link that they don't need/want to see.
3. Please leave feedback in the baby_feedback community.

New list of WAHM's stores coming soon! Submit yours if you want it listed.